Play to Earn games we made for collecting extra CHBY tokens while playing fun computer and mobile games. You can try the demo version of EarnTown, a Play to Earn game we made below. Click to go

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The document you are reading is a pre-released version of a visual interactive project called 'PLAY to EARN' which we are currently working on. If there is anything unclear or missed out please comment in our Telegram group and we will address it.


ChubbyBoy is the meme token of an investment and staking platform based on the 2d/3d visual NFT virtual worlds. The investors can build a toon looking town, city, or a Mars city with the NFT elements, for example buildings, animated cars, people, robots, animals, props etc... The cities that have been built reward investors with regular NFT drops and tokens!


Creative Financial Solutions Ltd. is responsible for the meme and ecosystem development of the visual environment of PLAY to EARN using the ChubbyBoy Token. The ChubbyBoy Token is the meme token for the PLAY to EARN network. The ChubbyBoy Token serves as a medium of exchange within the PLAY to EARN network for NFT trading. The ChubbyBoy Token is used for staking as well.

A Graphical Environment of Staking Tokens to Get NFT Rewards


We would like to create a Mobile App with a Toon-Like graphical environment to help the investors can earn beautiful NFT rewards during staking the tokens that we create. "PLAY to EARN" could help the investor enjoy the staking process. We've created a BEP20 Token called "ChubbyBoy Token" on Binance Smart Chain to use on PLAY to EARN. The ChubbyBoy Token has own economic model to decrease the total suplly. Each transactions helps some Tokens to burn permanently. So, that is the way the money of the investors would gain much more values during the staking process.

Chubby More


Those little and cute characters called "Chubbies" will help you to staking your Tokens and get some rewards in the PLAY to EARN. They will give you some hints to earn much more than you have expected. You can see them walking, running, working and talking to each others on the streets of the PLAY to EARN.


The cute and cartoon looking environment, houses, characters and the animations have a great potential to help the investors are willing to hold the Tokens to earn passive income as rewards. Same like the cute environment of PLAY to EARN, well designed NFT rewards would help to investors hold the rewards rather than to sell them like the usual tokens.


PLAY to EARN is a game-like mobil App on Android and IOS. It is free to download! You can find many free buildings in the default inventory. Just drag & drop a building on the map and let the staking process begin.


The PLAY to EARN is more than a cartoon environment, this is a living place which keeps the investors have interested to stake the money. Connecting with the wallets makes the coin & token transactions are easy than usual. To invest the money in a Staking slot haven't been lovely like that before!


When a user drap & drop a building on the map, The building process begins. The building process could takes some time, There will be a countdown to see how long that will take to build. The buildings with a short-while processes gives you less rewards. The buildings with a longer building processes will give you much valuable rewards in NFTs. Everything in the PLAY to EARN app are NFTs. The buildings, trees, animals and the chubbies of course! All of them are NFTs. The users can sell the NFT rewards they’ve earned or they can withdraw the rewards out of the app. Have no time to staking? You can buy any NFTs in our online marketplace. On the Christmass time, Halloween or Easter there will additional versions of the same NFTs. The Tokens could loose the price but the NFTs AREN’T!


The Characteristic of ChubbyBoy Token

ChubbyBoy Token is the BEP20 Token accepted by its own finance platform. Here, the Token is mostly used to buy and sell NFT assets, grant rewards to those who staked their tokens into the staking pool, and available for swap within 'PLAY to EARN Decentralized Exchange'. At the same time, ChubbyBoy Token will be able to be listed on Decentralized Crypto Currency Exchange platforms.