openverse We develop a 3d VR MetaVerse called OpenVerse to have fun and socialize with other people all around the world, online. As a game engine, Unity3d gives us a great opportunity to create our own online 3d virtual world to connect the people. A crypto token-based economy supports the project we do. You can connect with your crypto wallets to buy and sell the goodies inworld with the ChubbyBoy token. You can stake the VirtualBoy tokens to earn extra ChubbyBoy tokens inworld. OpenVerse is a friendly and colourful place to meet new people, to play 'Play to Earn' games together to earn free tokens, to watch movies and so... crypto crypto Roblox announced to develop their own MetaVerse project. Facebook, so META announced to invest $10B annually to develop their own MetaVerse project. Second Life is still a popular virtual world, in which the users spend more than a half-billion of dollars annually, inworld.
Are you one of the lucky frontier investors in the Crypto-MetaVerse projects?